Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets

We were delighted to welcome nearly 50 employees of Lloyds Bank Corporate Markets sector to our Nature Reserve and Farm.

It was a ‘working party’ and an opportunity for the bankers to get involved in the community at an end of a training week for them. It was a splendid day, the weather was amazing and no one thought they might get sunburnt in the autumn!

The 'Team'

The ‘TEAM’

They divided themselves into 4 teams and all had designated tasks to perform. These included recreating the path through the woodlands at the side of the River Meon, planting bluebells, snow drops and wild strawberry plants. They also sowed wild flower seed into the meadows to create a wild flower meadow next year. They pruned and planted new trees around the reserve, did some hedge cutting and fence repairing. They made a significant impact on the site.

One particularly pleasing job was to get a bench and set it in concrete next to the river in a particularly pleasant spot. This was paid for in memory of Robert Mochrie. Robert was a young man travelling in India and was tragically drowned while swimming in a river there. He was a really keen fisherman throughout his childhood and early adult years and his family wanted to make a donation to Second Chance because of our ties to the pastime with our youngsters. Two of the team remembered reading about the sad events in the newspapers.

We want to site about 8 of these kind of benches around the nature reserve and the various fishing spots and this was the first one. A lovely legacy that will benefit many children in the years to come.

The Team made a real impact and it was a joy to meet them all. They met a few of youngsters as well who are still talking about the game of football they enjoyed at the end of the day!! A very positive and useful time.Maybe there are more corporate organisations out there that would like to do a similar thing?

Thanks to Zoe Corney from Lloyds for organising the day and Pat Smith Area Manager for Hampshire and Dorset, Business in The Community for setting it up in the first place.