Wish List 2011


Of Projects Needing Funding and Items Needed

Anyone reading this is invited to consider whether they could sponsor an item/service or part of the cost of an item/service or even provide one 'in kind'.

No donation to this charity is too small for us to use!


We know this is not popular with donors but when all is said and done, the most valuable resource we have and the most vital thing to the youngsters is the adult we put in their young lives.

If you have the right member of staff or volunteer then you can do miracles. To put that contact into the lives of youngsters costs money that can only be described as admin or running costs; salaries and running costs are the most mundane yet necessary part of running the charity.

With the best facilities in the world, they would be next to useless without the expert staff and volunteers. Likewise, the most excellent facilities that we have cannot be maintained without mundane costs like maintenance and insurance and taxes being paid - Core funding is absolutely VITAL!

Please don’t be frightened of contributing to core costs. With our record of ‘sponsorship in kind’ and the gifts of professional expertise and time, we operate on a budget less than a ¼ of charities of a similar size – this is good value for money; there is no squandering of any financial donation in this charity!!


A) ‘Back to School Scheme’ - As part of our work, Second Chance operates a ‘back to school’ scheme for inner city children. Taking referrals from schools or social services, we work at reintegrating non-attendees back into regular full time education.
Each year, this scheme costs us approximately £30,000. ANY AMOUNT towards these overall costs would be very welcome.

B) Residential Courses - You may well be aware of some of the valuable work we do during residential courses (these are not holidays!). On average they cost us £3,000 a week; the number of courses we do is purely limited by the amount of finance we have available. Would you consider sponsoring a week? The two main venues are now our cottage in Finland or our nature reserve in Hampshire. One is obviously more expensive than the other - £3,000 is an average.

C) Fishing Boat - We want to part exchange our 18' Fjord Day boat for a bigger purpose built angling boat such as an Orkney 21 or similar. Estimated cost - £30,000

D) Fishing Tackle - Need we say more? (We think the children eat the stuff!!) We estimate we will spend £12,000 on fishing tackle during 2011 and that at cost price too! ANY SIZE DONATION can be tailored to complete a ‘project’ on this front.

E) Thermal Clothing - We take our young people on residentials in the winter months to our cottage in Finland. We need to buy quite a few sets of equipment for them due to the variety of sizes needed, even though only 8 youngsters at a time will be going - £800

F) Playgroup Equipment - We want to spend £2,000 this year replacing old equipment or getting new items for our Parent and Toddler group, ‘The Railway Children’ and our parenting facilities.

G) Christmas Presents - In 2011 we want to budget £1,000 for spending on underprivileged clients at Christmas time 2011.

H) Home Computers - We want to furnish chosen children from poor backgrounds to have a computer set up at home for the family to use for homework and other family business (these are not Playstations!!!) With internet access for a year we estimate around £350 each.

I) Children’s bikes - To enable the youngsters to travel to school, work and leisure activities. Also to be used at the cottage in Finland and at Second Chance Centre (Titchfield). We would like to purchase 5 bikes at £100 each.


A) 17 Seater Mini Bus - £10,000 (second hand) or £25,000 (new) To replace our present ageing Citroen that has become so unreliable we are frightened to take it on a long journey! (We did last year and it cost us a further £4,000 in repair bills!!)

B) 1 Land Rover Discovery -  £8,000 (second hand) - £20,000 (new and part exchange)
To replace our present one that has now 200,000 miles on the clock

C) Vehicle Fuel - We want a sponsor for the diesel fuel we put in our vehicles, last year we spent nearly £14,000 (oh that we could claim the tax back!!)

D) 110 Land Rover Defender – Our Land Rover Defender was written off in November 2010. We received £7,000 from our insurance company, but we need another £10,000 to purchase a 2nd hand one or £20,000 for a nearly new vehicle. This vehicle is vital to what we do as a Charity and is especially used at our college in Finland during our winter education visits.


We own land and lakes near Titchfield, Hampshire. The following includes construction/renovation/upkeep that needs doing to the centre:

A)Fishing Lodge - Wooden character building on our lakes
and beside the River Meon - £75,000 (This will form the backbone of our residential and day centre services for the foreseeable future).

B)Electricity supply to new Centre - £25,000

C)Bore Hole - In order to supply fresh water at the lakeside -

D)Marquee - Large Marquee for accommodation and
catering purposes at the Centre - £5,000

E)Canvas Shelters - We wish to purchase 2 large Gale proof
Canvas shelters for temporary residential accommodation until the fishing lodge is built - £1,500

F) Steel Security Containers - We want to purchase two 40’ Shipping Containers or one 40’ and two 20’ and create a VERY secure area for storing equipment like fishing tackle, camping gear and other operational items like our tractor and grass cutters etc. - £1,000

G) Pole Barn – For our farm enterprise - £16,000

5)‘SECOND CHANCE HOUSE’ (Office and Drop-in Centre)

A) Decorating - We want to paint the outside of our centre
here in Portsmouth. It is made of shuttering and is a specialist job, we estimate it may cost us as much as £15,000, but it is a very necessary task.


A) Computers - We want to replace 4 of our office computers
this year at around £500 each. 

B) Laser Printer - We need to replace our aging laser
Printer which we do all our major printing on - £5,000

C) Scanner - We would like to purchase a new scanner to
replace our older, failing one - £300

D) Printers - We need to replace five of our desktop printers


A) Purchase a Winterised Caravan – for additional
staff accommodation throughout the year, when working with the youngsters on residential projects. £2,500

B) Working Party - To pay for a group of volunteers and
older youngsters to spend 10 days repairing the concrete landing at the side of the Baltic, build a retaining wall, landscape some aspects of the site, prepare a base for a new Sauna, finish cladding the bunk house built in 2006. Materials, air flights, accommodation will amount to somewhere in the region of £10,000.

C) Security Gates Have made and erected at the top of the
lane to secure access to cottage where we store boats and other equipment that could be ‘removed’ £1,000