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Channel Swim

Posted 22nd August, 2019

It is a fact that less people have successfully swum The English Channel than have climbed Mount Everest! We are about to increase the number of swimmers by one! Alex Fordyce, is a volunteer for the charity he works for FHC Ltd who support the charity. He has long held an ambition to solo swim the channel and has been in a training regime for many months now, having had to put weight on and spend every other weekend swimming in Dover... read more

Creative Arts and Cultural Centre

Posted 12th July, 2019

The Children Second Chance work with come from three main backgrounds in roughly equal proportions. They may have been abused (sexually, physically or mentally), come from a poverty stricken background (almost always an inner city area), may have learning difficulties. Sometimes, experiencing all three backgrounds! These children carry their disability on the inside; they do not always generate sympathy from those they meet. Second Chance consider them to be amongst the most disadvantaged group of people in Britain today. One of the... read more

Fishing Lodge Plans

Posted 5th July, 2019

We have been talking to a couple of companies that might build this lodge for us. They are able to accommodate our design brief and the build is surprisingly quick. We will of course need planning permission to sight it where we want it. Matters are in hand and that process has begun. Should we happen to fail then we have a fall back plan in as much as we already have what we call ‘the tractor shed’ on a less... read more