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Posted 27th May, 2020

We have been asked by many providers if we could stay open during this Coronavirus epidemic as the children we work with are almost all classed as vulnerable. So we have remained open throughout and will continue to the end (whenever that may be!). Fortunately the weather has been kind to us and we have been able to spend most of the time outdoors utilising the facilities of our Rural Centre, including the lambing period on our farm. We have... read more

End Of Term Report 2019

Posted 2nd December, 2019

We are delighted to share our annual 'End of Term' report with everyone. It is our yearly newsletter giving a flavour and some examples of the things we have been up to during the past year. If you haven’t received a paper copy in the post and would like one, please just message us and we would be delighted to put one in the post to you. Dont forget to leave your address though! We hope you enjoy reading it... read more

Channel Swim

Posted 22nd August, 2019

It is a fact that less people have successfully swum The English Channel than have climbed Mount Everest! We are about to increase the number of swimmers by one! Alex Fordyce, is a volunteer for the charity he works for FHC Ltd who support the charity. He has long held an ambition to solo swim the channel and has been in a training regime for many months now, having had to put weight on and spend every other weekend swimming in Dover... read more