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Geoffrey Palmer

Posted 7th November, 2020

I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear this morning when the family broke the news that Geoffrey Palmer had passed away last night. Such was the standing of the man not only in my estimation but also my heart. There will be much said and shown I am sure about his illustrious career as a famous and well respected actor of stage, screen and television. Appearances in Butterflies, May to September not to mention James Bond will spring to mind. I can remember as a small boy having an asthma attack laughing so much at The Army Game, but I shall not dwell on those things of fame because I knew more of the man himself and the humble gentleman he was. Geoffrey had a passion for fishing and for fly fishing in particular. This brought us together in the early days of the charity back in 1984. Geoffrey fully understood the effect that taking an inner city child, often from a dysfunctional family, into the countryside and teaching them to fish had on them.  Read more in Archive .